Wednesday Afternoon, March 6, 2002


Stoplights are functioning; taken from corner of HSBC (formerly Marine Midland Bank).


Ruins are still smoldering (taken in front of Superior Grill).


Not much happening, awaiting determination of the debris as an asbestos contaminated site.


A dusting of snow covers the site.


The remains of Clemons Plumbing & Heating and the law office of Seth Bachman.


The drive behind Ethan Allen.
 Clean-up costs may exceed $710,000. The 8,000 to 10,000 tons of debris - the remains of the nine buildings destroyed Saturday morning will probably require up to a month to remove.

 Costs would have been lower if the buildings had not been built before 1970. Because of their age, State law requires the area be treated as an asbestos-contaminated site.
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