Tuesday, March 5, 2002 9 a.m.

(They are predicting 1 to 2 feet of snow)


Doorway to nowhere. Taken from Spring Street.


Is this our historic heritage now?


Goodwin Law Office is the first remaining on left.


Taken from in front of the Superior Grill.


Getting ready to replace the traffic lights.


Traffic has been heavy (but polite) since State Street reopened.


S. Mechanic Street - note hi-rise, left background.


Spring Street, looking toward Mechanic-State Street intersection





  I'd like to take an inch here to thank all the people who have called and e-mailed to let me know they appreciate the site and/or to offer pictures. As soon as I acquire some more space, I will expand to include more photos. I also plan to burn disks of all the photos for the libraries as there are probably 4 photos for every one you see. Thank you all. Lynn

 I would also like to include stories of personal experiences of the fire. I am interested especially in people who lost homes or jobs, firemen, EMT's, auxiliary and other volunteer workers. The reactions of any resident are also valuable. As a teacher, I know how powerful these first hand stories can be, to children especially, but ultimately, to all of us. Please e-mail or write if you can help in this project.

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