Chronology of the Town of Champion Chronological History of the Town of Champion

Compiled by Suzanne Caukins Wiley

Updated by Lynn M. Thornton - 2006

1797 – General Henry Champion purchased “Howard”, Town #4 of the Macomb Purchase.

Noadiah Hubbard, his land agent and a surveyor Joel Mix rafted together down the Black River

and staked out their lands. 1798 – Hubbard and Mix built cabins, along with other single men. 1799 – In April, Mix’s family came to West Carthage (the first settler in Jefferson County).

In November Hubbard’s family rode in on horseback and settled in the center of town.

Mix built the first saw mill on the riverbank and Hubbard, had a tavern near his cabin. 1800 – January 9th, Joel’s daughter, Laura Mix, was born. (The first white birth in Jefferson County.) March 14 – The New York Legislature passed a bill forming the Town of Champion out of the Town of Mexico, as was the Town of Watertown.

Both share the honor of the being the first towns in the later formed Jefferson County. April 1 – the first town meeting in Jefferson County was held in the Justice of Peace Joel Mix’s home.

Hubbard was elected the first supervisor. The census numbered 153 people. 1801 – The First Congregational Church Society was formed and a log schoolhouse was put up by Hubbard at the town’s expense. 1802 – first saw mill built by William Hadsall and John A. Eggleston on Mill Creek near the line of Rutland.

The first bridge over the Black River in Jefferson County was constructed at Great Bend. 1806 – David Coffeen builds a mill on the west side of the Black River,

opposite Carthage and constructs a wing dam to increase water supply. 1807 – A village green was given by General Champion (two acres) for naming the town after him.

He also promised a bell for the Reverend Nathaniel Dutton’s proposed Congregational Church.

December 3rd, Rev. Dutton, the first minister to settle in Jefferson County, proclaimed a Day of Thanksgiving. 1810 – Captain Noadiah Hubbard and Captain John McNitt formed two militia units

and set about training raw recruits. 1812 – A second bridge was completed spanning the Black River at West Carthage. 1813 – Champion Militiamen fought at the Battle of Sackets Harbor. (May 29th) 1816 – On Christmas Day the Congregationalists dedicated their church on the village green (the first church in Jefferson County).

The bell, having been recast with silver dollars given by Champion,

rang and was heard for miles around the country side. 1826 – The Methodists constructed a wooden church at Francis-Babcock Corners near Great Bend. 1836 – The Masons built a two-storied stone academy. 1841 – The First Congregationalist Church was removed from the village green to the valley below

for warmth and easier accessibility by the carriages. 1842 – The Baptists open a church in Great Bend. 1852 – The Congregationalists opened a second church in West Carthage. 1953 – The Methodists opened a second church in the hamlet of Champion. 1968 – The Episcopalians purchased the Masonic Academy, took it down and using the same stones

constructed the one-story church and named it after St. John. 1873 – Champion Grange #18 was organized. 1875 – With the generous donations and help from the New York Deaconess, Mary Bradford Sterling Clark,

the First Trinity Chapel at Great Bend was dedicated by the Episcopalians. 1884 – Fire started in West Carthage and jumped Black River.

It burned most of the business district of Carthage. 1887 – The Methodists closed their church at Francis-Babcock Corners

and opened a new First Methodist Church at Great Bend. 1889 – March 1, the residents of West Carthage voted for the Incorporation of the village

and elected Marcus P. Mason as their first president. 1896 – The West Carthage Fire Department was organized with David Trembly as the first chief. 1905 – West Carthage High School was built in 1905 and was partially burned in 1954. 1912 – Champion Grange #18 purchased the 1816 First Congregational Church and within it,

constructed an upper floor for their meeting room. 1915 – Five hundred people signed the register at the dedication of the brick Methodist Church in Great Bend. 1924 – The Great Bend Fire Department was organized. 1952 – Twin Village Swimming Pool is constructed; formally dedicated June 6, 1953. . 1954 – The Carthage Central School district was formed and the Carthage Junior-Senior High School was built

on Martin Street Road in the Town of Champion. The High School building of West Carthage School burned on April 29. 1958 – The Champion Fire Department was organized and its Ladies Auxiliary was formed the following year. 1962 – The Calvary Assembly of God was dedicated on Martin Street Road. 1975 - The 175th Anniversary of the Town of Champion was celebrated

on five different occasions:

· April first, a re-enactment of the first town board meeting

as well as a 1975 meeting was held in the Grange Hall.

Commemorative historical envelopes were made for the event.

· July 4th, the annual “Old Home Day” parade and festivities heralded the up-coming Bicentennial

of the United States and the town’s anniversary.

· September 15th, the Woolworth Memorial United Methodist Church

celebrated its 60th anniversary.

· September 21st, the 100th Anniversary of Trinity Chapel was celebrated.

Soon afterwards it closed and was deconsecrated.

· November 23rd, a Bicentennial Memorial Park was dedicated on the old site of the brick store.

This store probably once stood on the village green

at the top of the hill in the hamlet of Champion.

Trees and shrubs were planted to honor founding pioneers Noadiah Hubbard and Joel Mix.

Others honored were Mary Bradford Sterling Clark, Frank W. Woolworth, and Rev. Nathaniel Dutton

and the 42 Revolutionary soldiers buried in the Town of Champion. 1977 - The formation of the 4 River Valleys Historical Society took place.

It covered all the towns in the Carthage Central School District. 1978 – Trinity Chapel was deeded to the above society for its preservation and use. 1980 – The area of the 4 River Valleys Historical Society was expanded to cover the Indian River School District

and Copenhagen Central School District. 1982 – June 6th, Long Falls Baptist Church was organized.

The parishioners restored the old 1852 Congregational Church building

in West Carthage and services began in 1986. 1984 – June, the West Carthage Housing Authority dedicated opened its first senior housing unit

which it named “Westside Terrace”. 1986 - Tamarack Drive, 801 Military Housing dedication was November 13. August,

The West Carthage Housing Authority dedicated its second senior housing building

and honoring the former mayor of West Carthage, William Dalton by naming it “Dalton Estates”. 1987 – September 17, On Constitution Day, a “Plant a Legacy” ceremony took place to commemorate

the Bicentennial of the U. S. Constitution.

Two hundred clusters of red, white and blue balloons were released at 4:00 P. M.

along with the bell being run in the old Congregational Church tower. Lilac shrubs and tulip bulbs were planted

carrying out the red, white and blue colors as nearly as possible. 1988 – The early 19th century schoolhouse that at one time stood in the hamlet of Champion

was returned to the Town of Champion from Black River.

It is now being restored on the 4RVHS’s property in Great Bend.

Third Senior Citizen Housing complex,

Grandview Courts dedicated in January. 1989 – June 8th, a Bicentennial Memorial Monument was unveiled

and wreaths placed by seven organizations

honored “all those who served their country in time of need”

since 1776 to the present day.

This monument stands in the Bicentennial Memorial Park to commemorate

the Bicentennial of the U. S. Constitution.

June 8th, the 100th Anniversary

of the Incorporation of the Village of West Carthage was celebrated.

September 15th, the 75th Anniversary

of the dedication of the Woolworth Memorial United Church at Great Bend. 1990 – New Village Hall, Municipal Building, and Fire Department dedicated at 10 High Street. 1991 – March 17th, the first phase of the building project

on Cole Road of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

was completed and dedicated.

August 3rd, dedication of North Country Fellowship Baptist Church

on Sayre Road. 1992 – The new Sewage Treatment Plant was dedicated in June. 1993 – The Christian Heritage School,

formerly the Hillside Christian School,

opened for its first students in September

on the property of the Calvary Assembly of God,

Martin Street Road. 1995 - The F. W. Woolworth Memorial United Methodist Church

celebrated its 80th Anniversary on September 15th. 1996 – June 13th, the 4 River Valleys Historical Society

erected its 2nd historical marker in the hamlet of Champion

on the Town of Champion’s Village Green.

July 9th, The Town of Champion’s Water District #1

received its formation document for Great Bend area.

September 15th The F. W. Woolworth Memorial United Methodist Church

celebrated its 81st Anniversary. 1997 – March 24th, The Town of Champion’s Water District #2

was formed for the hamlet of Champion.

In October, the Parks Committee for the Town of Champion

was formed with Nelson Eddy as its first chairman.

Folk artist James Parker of Ilion, NY

was commissioned by Suzanne C. Wiley, Town of Champion Historian,

to create an original 19th Century historical painting of each of the three settlements in the town.

Mrs. Wiley furnished the historical data and pictures of the buildings for Mr. Parker’s works.

Prints from his paintings now hang in the Town of Champion Municipal Building’s Justice Courtroom. 1998 – March 22nd, The Town of Champion Municipal Building at 10 North Broad Street, West Carthage was dedicated.

During month of May, Christopher Dingman earned his Boy Scout

rank of Eagle Scout

by organizing and leading Fort Drum Boy Scout Troop #361

in the restoration of the South Champion Cemetery,

which had been severely damaged by the January ice storm.

July 6th, the Town of Champion was the first town

to sign up for the Regional Sewer District #1.

October 5th, the Town of Champion Water District #3

was formed to extend the town’s water district #2 at Great Bend. 1999 - January 28th, First Day Cover commemorating Women’s History month

honoring Eleanor Merriam Mix (1770-1813) wife of Joel Mix,

the founder of West Carthage,

for being the first mother to settle in Jefferson County.

June 4th, the Park’s Committee float won a first place prize

in the Jefferson County Dairyland Parade held in Watertown.

Ninth generation descendants, dressed in period costumes,

represented Joel Mix and his family.

A 1934 John Deere tractor owned by Larry W. Eddy pulled the float.

June 10th, a five-foot obelisk engraved with the 28 heads of families

listed in the 1800 Census of the Town of Champion, Oneida County, New York was dedicated.

This monument was erected on the 200 year-old village green park

in the hamlet of Champion on Route 126.

The two acre green is now being developed into a park

with a children’s playground and a picnic pavilion.

The original sites of the First Congregational Church (1816), the first school (1801),

and the old brick store have been located and marked. 2001 – New West Carthage Elementary School opens

on the Cole Road section of the Carthage Central Campus.

The dedication was held October 25 in the gymnasium of the new building. The Jefferson Street building is being mothballed at present.

2002 – Twin Village Swimming Pool does not open for the season. 2004 – The site of the long closed Super Duper Market,

built on the grounds of the former Mason Mansion,

3 Bridge Street is converted to use as a Veteran’s Administration Clinic.

2005 – Bicentennial of Jefferson County was celebrated with the dedication

of a black granite bench in front of the Town Offices on Broad Street in West Carthage.

An historical exhibit and reception followed in the Justice Court room. 2007 - New addition is built at the Carthage Central School Campus

on Cole road.

This is intended for 5th grade students and is done on schedule

for September 2008 occupancy. 2008 - Additional housing being built on Cole Road, across from the West Carthage Elementary School.

New water district is added to serve this area.