This shows the 4th grade classrooms doors being framed in. You are looking toward the fifth grades and the rear of the building.


This was taken in front of the LMC (Library Media Center) looking toward the second grade classrooms. These are nitches for lockers.


This is the main hallway, looking toward the cafeteria.


Looking down the hall toward the boiler room and the kitchen area.


Third grade rooms showing partitions for the dividing wall.


In front of the office, looking toward the Cafeteria.


On the extreme right, you see heat lines in the wall of the LMC


The ceiling is in for the LMC, but the lack of light makes it almost impossible to see.


The boiler room: two boilers in the background with air handlers.


Standing in front of the office, looking toward the LMC.


Inside the front door (main entrance), looking at the office.
  Marv Steele has been the Head Custodian in the present West Carthage Elementary building for the past sixteen years. As the work progresses on the new building on Cole Road, he has been spending time watching the new systems (heating, electrical, water etc.) being installed so he will be able to maintain them after completion. When we found he would be going where we were not able to go, we armed him with a camera and asked him to report to us on what he saw. He was more than willing to do this, and we are delighted to receive his information and pictures on the progress inside our future home.


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