Soft Maple - the construction:

These pictures are from the files of Perry Nagle, an engineer working for the American Manganese Steel Company in Chicago Heights, IL, a division of American Brake Shoe Corporation which made dredge pumps of the type used on this project.  Mr. Nagle may have been here as part of the crew that made this project possible.  These photos, taken by Severance Photos in 1924-5, were made available  by Mr. Nagle's son, Jim Nagle.

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  Pump House

  Diversion Dam

  Downstream portion of Diversion Dam

  Diversion Dam and Second Borrow Pit

  Second Borrow Pit

Preparations for Dredge Pump

  Second Borrow Pit, Diversion Dam

Spillway Excavation and Diversion Dam

Diversion Dam

  Diversion Dam

  Terminal Dam Dredge Pump

  Diversion Dam

  Diversion Dam

  Borrow Pit #4 for Diversion Dam

  Dredge Pump and Hog Box

Dredge Pump for Diversion Dam  

Intake Canal  

  Dike #6

 Borrow Pit #4 for Diversion Dam

  Diversion Dam

  Spillway Channel

  Spillway Channel and Dam

  Watson Quadrangle - 1910

Diversion Dam - courtesy of Jack Sweeney


Building the Soft Maple Dams; circa 1926

Hydroelectric Plants Along the Beaver River

Power Dams 2005

Whitewater Kayaking on the Beaver River

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