Machinery marches up the mounds of dirt.
 Pipe for underground drainage.  Lots of mud (and water to be drained!)
 Machinery to pile dirt is seen in the back.  Foundations are beginning to appear!
 On Cole Road there is a lot of dirt and water. There are rocks and trucks. The dirt is over 50 feet high. There are going to be 3 Soccer fields and we saw the straw for seeding them. There are 41 tubes for underwater drainage, but the workman said that is not enough. There is steel - a lot of it  The pyramids of dirt are 60 feet high. There are five trailers to be used for offices. The black pipes are for underground drainage. (there is a lot of water to drain!)
 One of the workmen answered some of our questions.  Plastic wrap and structural steel.
 We assume this is a rake of some kind.  Still a great deal of water in some spots.

  Kim includes a sketch of herself and the other reporters in front of the rake and beside the fence. The area on the left hand side of the fence had been cleared and the students were able to walk along (in the mud) and get a much better view of the construction progress than has formerly been the case.

They were also lucky in that one of the workmen came along and was willing to answer some of their questions, including where the athletic areas and parking would be located.

Several of their photos didn't come out, including one of the now five trailers that are serving as the field offices for the site.

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