Saturday, March 16

The village waits for the selection of clean-up company.


From in front of the Superior Grill - looking west


From in front of the Superior Grill - looking east


From Marine Midland Bank corner.


North Mechanic, looking toward High Rise.


Spring Street - looking east.

The rubble seems to have settled a little, but nothing else has happened. Oh, a note - two insurance investigators were arrested for trespass - so if you visit the site, please respect the yellow tape and the No Trespassing signs.

The village is looking into a number of options to help defray the massive cost of cleanup. Among the possibilities being explored: could the village itself become asbestos certified? could the US Army or National Guard help?

A list of available and qualified contractors is being drawn up and should be available by Monday the 18th.

The Village Ecumenical Ministries formed a task force to help the individuals affected by the fire. Anyone wanting to make a donation may mail it to: "VEM 3-2-02 Carthage Fire Relief, P.O. Box 566, Carthage, NY 13619-0566" checks should be made payable to "VEM 3-2-02 Carthage Fire Relief"

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