Texas Road School: Former District No. 23, Town of Croghan


The Texas Road school was no longer in existence when the Carthage Central School district was formed.  Its history is presented here, however, since former District No. 11 (the Rogers Crossing school) received most of the Texas district when the latter was dissolved.  Located on the north side of the road, just west of the bridge where the Texas road crosses Swiss creek, the site of the Texas Road school is enclosed in a narrow valley between granite ridges.

This district, known as No. 23 was created Feb. 11, 1884 and was taken partly from District 11.  A new schoolhouse was built in 1916, as evidenced by the words "S. Built, 1916" still legible (in 1959) on the cement steps at the site.  The Texas district gradually became depopulated, with a corresponding loss of pupils.  When, in 1935, there were no more pupils, the school was closed.  In 1937 the district was dissolved "on the grounds that there are no longer any residents in the district and there is no longer any need for a school in this district."

 A drive up the Texas Road now reveals only forest lands with overgrown walls to show the here or there were dwellings or barns.  A small open area about the old school site is marked by the foundation, the building having been torn down after it was closed.

In the period 1885 to 1892, the Texas Road school was taught by Lizzie Megan, Ada Burns, Celia Shaffrey, Annie E. Murray, Kate Murray, Lizzie Branagan and Gertrude Mullen.  The records then skip to 1912 and are complete except for the year 1918-19.  1912-13, Annie Sweeney; 1913-15, Vera Dionne; 1915-16, Amelia C. Pate; 1919-20, Vera Johnson; 1920-21, Mrs. Charles J. Bush; 1921-22, Dora E. Lanphear; 1922-23, Bernadine Laree; 1923-24, Norma Fanning.  1924-25, Blanche H. Clark; 1925-26, Martha Schultz; 1926-28, Kathleen Connelly; 1928-30, Grace Bintz; 1930-31, Theresa Pound; 1931-34, Suzanne B. Gill; 1934-35, Frances Shinbourne.

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