Champion Huddle, Champion District 8

Champion Huddle is an historic place on the road between Champion village and Great Bend.  Now only a collection of a few houses, in years past, it was of much more importance, although never attaining the prominence attached to the neighboring villages.  In this little hamlet was located the District No. 8 schoolhouse, situated in the corner formed by the Champion-Great Bend road and a cross-road leading north-west toward Rutland Hollow.  The site is part way down the hill over which Deerlick creek comes bounding, passing under the main road near the school.  In close proximity to the bridge is a spring it is located on the south bank of the creek, with a stone retaining wall around it.

District No 16 (later 8) was formed June 24, 1848.  The deed to the second school-house for District No. 16 is dated Feb. 19, 1862 and is recorded in Book of Deeds 169, page 301.  The lot was sold to the district by William P. Babcock and Rocky S., his wife; there was half an acre in the parcel and the deed was signed by John Waite, justice of the peace.  In the northwest wall of the building, there is a date scratched on one of the stones, but it cannot be interpreted with accuracy.  At the 1890 meeting, it was voted to shingle the schoolhouse with the best Canadian pine.  For a cost of $36, the school-house was painted in 1896, and a chair and other fixtures were bought for $1.70.  A suitable U.S. flag was to be purchased and displayed.  In 1900, total expenditures for the year were $217.96.  The teacher's wages were set at $208 for the year.

A roll of teachers beginning about 1907 was found and older residents have remembered some earlier teachers.  Those recalled were: Max Staples, Clair B. Burns, Elizabeth Hill, Stella Sage, Edna Merrill, Mamie Slade, Nellie Hubbard, Grace Chapin, Merle Sarvay, Maude Gates, Martha Crohn, Cora Harris, Nettie Flanders, Maude Happ, Mrs. Bell, Chanie Brainerd, Elizabeth Babcock, Mae Safford, Belle Hammond, Nora Swind, Joanna Austin, Pearle Noyes, Lucy Hardy and Mamie Merrill.

Teachers in Champion No. 8 beginning in 1902: 

1902-03, Helen Woolworth; 1906, Cadwell Lewis; 1907-08, Miss Carrie Slack, Mrs. Marlett; 1908-08, Mabel Vrooman; 1909-10, Belle             1912-13, Miss Sheldon; 1914-16, Miss Irene Cowan; 1919-20, Mrs. Leon Stott; 1920-21, Ruth Carter;1921-22, Alice M. Galloway; 1922-23, Julia Driscoll; 1923-24, Valeta Whitaker; 1924-26, Julia Driscoll; 1926-27, Winifred B. Patchin; 1927-28, Rachel L. Waful.  1928-29, Julia Driscoll; 1929-30, Irene Scott; 1933-35, Nellie Woodruff; 1935-36, Portia M. Downing; 1936-41, Marion Scanlon; 1941-44, Hazel Smith; 1944-46, Minnie Rounds; 1946-47, Mrs. Helen Stott; 1947-48, Mrs. Vernita Shampine.

Last Class

Front Row: James Nier, Ken Gaines, Ronald Gaines

Second Row: Joy Griswold, James Wilton, Deanna Plank

Back: William Wilton and Mrs. Shampine (Teacher)




CRT, Feb. 19, 1959