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American Local History Network: Jefferson County NY

Learning Adventures in Citizenship (NY State History by PBS)

Library of Congress: American Memory

Library of Congress Panoramic maps

Scanned Originals of Early American Documents

Small Town America: Stereoscopic views from the Robert Dennis Collection

American Revolution: Living History Online

Eye Witness: History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived Itl

National Archives and Records Administration Primary Sources and Activities for the Classroom

US Historical Documents Archive

PORT: Maritime Information Gate

Virtual Jamestown

The Olive Tree - Geneology Homepage (Dutch)

Chronology of US Historical Documents

History of Photographs: types, examples also postcards also has links to lists of Immigrant ships and names.

The Digital Classroom (National Archives) Primary Sources, Activities, and Training for Educators and Students

Resource Guides and Learning Standards for all Disciplines:

Social Studies Resources from the CIA to the Library of Congress (and then some!)

Free Government records, including the Document of the Day