The weather is better today and workmen take advantage of it to work on the roof of the gym complex. Note enlargement at right.


If you look through the window of the enlargement at the right, you can see plans that the workmen use to build our school.


Heath's Journal: Today we (Jeramy, Matthew and me) took very good pictures. All four of us walked over the parking lot. I took a picture of the front of the school. We walked over the side of the parkinglot. Matt took a picture of men on the top of the roof putting on [steel]. Jeramy fell in the snow and his shoe came off. Then we took a picture of the top rail and of the tree stumps. We went down to the front of the high school and I took a picture of the trailer [main field office]. It was very fun.


Matt's Journal: Today I went to the New West Carthage Elementary School. I saw men working, some trucks, stairs, the LMC. I went with Heath and Jeramy. Jeramy and Heath both lost their shoes. The school is real huge! The windows were boarded in. I think the new school is cool!



Snow here is about three feet deep. For most of the distance we only sink in about six inches, but occasionally, like here, someone goes deeper - in this case, Jeramy lost his shoe and we all had to dig for it.


The stairs leading to the second floor of the academic wing. May be between second and third grade classrooms.


Student waves from in the middle of the new Soccer field.


The main field office - located in front of the science wing of the high school.