Nick's Journal: Today Kyle, Amber and I all went to the construction site of West Carthage's new school. We saw tools, men at work and the soccer field. Lots of other things too! Everyone was keeping busy! One thing I would like to know is who did all these things for us children and how long will it take to even out the back area of land?


View from the main gate.

 There are lots of workmen on the job at 4:00 when we get there.


Academic wing, office block, cafeteria and PE wings.


Lots of supplies are needed for a project of this size.



These trees went down in the high winds.

A frozen mass of root material - waiting for spring to be ground up.

Kyle's Journal:

Today we saw some equipment. There was a pile of tree roots. It was very fun, but I kept tripping. Nick took a picture of a cement mixer. There wasn't that much stuff there (the crane was gone). That was our day!

 Amber's Journal:

I saw deer and rabbit foot prints. I took only two pictures. The new school is cool! I can not wait until I get to go to the new school for 5th Grade!


A cement mixer rumbles by.


Material being lifted into the back of the second floor of the academic wing.


This is the hill Ed wants them to leave for snowboarding!