Excerpts from interview with Mr. Kraybill, March 12, 2001

Dale Kraybill

Vice President

Construction Management Services

Purcell Construction Corporation

Dear Mr. Kraybill,

Here is a list of questions the students wonder about - we hope you can answer at least some of them for us: We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Mrs Thornton's

4th Grade Social Studies classes


1. Is it hard working in the cold?

Yes, it makes everything more difficult; they need to heat everything they work with - the ground, the concrete etc. and the workers are bundled up and cannot move as easily. It slows them down. (it hard in the hear, but not as bad)

2. How do you gas up your equipment? There is a tank truck on the jobsite that gasses up the equipment so they don't have to keep going in and out.

When do you think it will be done? It is supposed to be done for a September 2001 opening.

3. Is the electricity in? Electric line were run last week (March 1st)

4. What are some of the materials you use? Gravel, concrete, concrete blocks, copper, insulation, metal roofing, steel beams, pipes, glass. Brick. Plaster, some wood (doors, gym floor)

5. Do you buy your materials locally? Either locally or in Syracuse if not available locally. Gravel, concrete and blocks are definitely locally purchased.

6. How big is the gym? The gym is 70' x 90' = 6300 square feet.

7. What about meals for the workers? They bring their own.

8. How does OSHA effect your job? Effects them a lot. OSHA oversees the safety of the workers; hard hats, safety shoes, safe placement of ladders, rubber gloves and boots, equipment etc.

9. Will you leave that big hill of dirt in the back? No, that is topsoil that will go back when the job is done so they can grow grass on the site.

10. If some one (worker) is sick, how do you replace him? If it is just for a day or two, you get along without him/her, long term, replace him, but you need to give him back his job when he returns.

11. How many bathrooms will there be? One in each classroom, several in the halls in public areas.

12. Are the fixtures here yet? Not yet, the plumbing is going in now.

13. Is the cafeteria larger than the one we have now? It is 64" x 45" (we need to figure this out ourselves)

14. Is the platform in the Cafeteria permanent or can you remove it for more room? It is permanent

15. Is there a track? No, there is not - two play areas but no track.

16. Do we get lockers? Yes Are they combination? He didn't know.

17. Will there be new equipment (ie, desks and chairs) Some will be new, but that is not his area - he is a contractor.

18. How many cubic feet of space? 800,000 cu feet of space - this is a question he didn't expect, but he figured it out for us.

19. When will the playground be ready? It should be ready the same time the school is.

20. How big will the library be?

70' x 40' = 2800 sq feet.

21. Will there be elevators for kids? No, only for handicapped.

22. Is there a computer lab? Yes, there is.

23. Is there an Art room? Yes, 2 music rooms A Science Lab? No room is marked as such.

24. Is there a play area in the woods? No

25. Compare a classroom size with our present classroom. The average new classroom is 33' x 25' (we need to do the math ourselves).

26. Are there sliding doors to connect the classrooms? Yes

27. Are there two playgrounds? yes

28. How many rooms are there altogether? 65 rooms

29. Why did they take down so many trees? To widen the road, make room for natural gas line, and electrical lines.

30. Are there rooms for Special Class? Yes


Mr. Kraybill also told us that the architect makes the blueprints, there are 2500 yards of concrete in the foundations.

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