There is a LOT of snow along the fence-line now!


Note the window openings on the first floor.


The crane towers over the Academic wing -
Heather's Journal entry: I learned today that the school is going to be big and that 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are on the 2nd floor. 1st, 2nd, Kindergarten and the Cafeteria are on the first floor. I liked to take pictures. That was fun. We took 12 pictures. Mrs Thornton said this school is going to have no grass for a while because there is so much snow and mud. I took a picture of the crane and also of the front of the school, the middle part that is the entrance. Mrs. Thornton told us to try to stay on top of the snow, Stephany and Mrs. Thornton sank in, but Randi Rae and I stayed on top. The snow was very deep!

  Stephanie's Notes: I like this trip we had at the new school because we had to take six pictures. I liked the trailer - the blue one.

Randi's Journal: Today I saw the back of the school We walked down the road and we took a picture of the whole school. One girl took a picture of a pile of trees. We saw animal tracks down by the trees on the left hand side of the school. We saw two people up on the roof doing something.



Open air dining in the new cafeteria?


Roof line over concrete blocks.


Twin peaks.


Roots, roots, and more roots.

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