January 18

Crane lifts girder for cafeteria


Cafeteria is definitely taking shape - fries, anyone?


Academic wing - the roof is on! Cement block work looks great.


The main entrance - under wraps.


Marty, are you ready for this?


The LMC.
Dennis's Field Notes: Today we went to the construction site at the new school. I saw a crane and we took a picture of it moving a girder. They are building an elevator. The other kids had to stay outside of the fence, but me and Jake got to go inside the fence because a guy that worked there asked us if we wanted to go inside and take pictures. We walked to the gate, then we got to go inside. I took a picture of the crane and it looked like they were about to pick up a trailer.

  This was the first time we were allowed inside the construction site, and we owe a very large thanks to the gentleman who escorted us. It was really a thrill to see, up close and personal, what we had watched develop over the months.

Mrs. T


Dennis shows equipment and activity at the site.


The light at the end of the tunnel.

This shot is taken from the back of the building looking toward Cole Road.

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