Fourth Grade Team
W. Carthage Elementary School
Thornton - Freeman - Williams
Spelling: students are expected to keep a notebook in a neat and orderly fashion.  On the first day, they write their list words and vocabulary.  They are expected to look up and write vocabulary meanings and write the spelling words five times for the following day.  The third day, they are expected to use the words in sentences, the fourth day they put the words in alphabetical order and the test is on the fifth day.

Timmy O'Dowd
        Vocabulary 2

1.  peddler
2   oilskin
3.  lathered
4.  shelter
5.  calico
6.  haggler
7.  Lake Erie
8.  berm
9.  muskrats
10.  sluices
11.  breached
12.  speaking trumpet
13.  bonfire
14.  wages
15. turbulent

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Reading: Our text is Houghton Mifflin Imagine, but we will use other sources during the year. 

After the end of the State testing, we will be using a variety of reading materials; we will use non-fiction science materials, historical fiction (
Timmy O'Dowd and the Big Ditch) about the Erie Canal,  and the Houghton Millflin unit "Could It Really Happen"; a fantasy unit that begins with the book Jumanji.
Astronomy for Teachers
Fact Monster
Brain Pop
Early Education
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Facts about New York State
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Wacky Web Tales
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World Clock: Timezones
Math: Saxon Math Lessons follow a predicatable pattern:  there are five lessons then an assessment.  Students are responsible for completing side B of their worksheets for homework unless it is an assessment day.  Here are the next few topics your child will be doing:

Lesson 106: Writing a function rule
Lesson 107:  Finding a functional part of a set.
Lesson 108:  Multiplying a two-digit number by a two-digit number
Lesson 109:   Identifying  the Rays and Vertex of an angle, Identifying right and straight angles, identifying the number of degrees in a circle, straight angle and right angle
Lesson 110: Identifying the probability of an event, an experiment with a spinner
Lesson 111: Identifying acute and obtuse angles, measuring angles with a protractor
Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
Alaska Eagle Cam
Tesselation Tutor
Math Cats - Math Fum
Learning Planet
Fact Drill and flashcard maker
Science Vocabulary
carbon dioxide
food chain
food web

D'Nealian Worksheets
American Museum of Natural History
Holiday sites from Children's Author  Bethany Roberts
White House for Kids
Hudson River School of Art: 
Students are currently working on a project in Language Arts and Mrs. Robertson's Art class that deals with the HRS of Art.  Ask your child what that is all about and how it connects to the Social Studies unit also.  The foursquare for the report is available at this link: 
Hudson River School
Pattern Blocks and Patterns
Social Studies:
We nearing the end of our study of the Erie Canal and the growth of New York State.  We are also reading
Timmy O'Dowd and the Big Ditch, the story of a young boy whose family lives beside the canal, near Rome. On June 4, we visited Erie Canal Village, near Rome, to witness a canal era village.  Students are expected to write a report on the Canal Era in New York State.

Share maps with your child and show how roadmaps help in family trips.
Language: On days 3 and 6 students have Writers Workshop with Mrs Williams.  They rotate this with Computer Lab and d'Nealian Handwriting. Ask your child about the 4-square technique.
State Test Dates:
We have finished our State testing for the 2002-2003 school year.  The NYS Social Studies test will be given in 5th grade in November.
In Science, we are finishing our study of ecosystems.  You will see the unit vocabulary under the Spelling section. 

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Book Reports: Students use the Accelerated Reader test system at school  which tests their comprehension of a story, or an approved 4-square report form.  They are responsible for a minimum of 25 books during the school year.  A sample of the form is available by clicking the book.
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