Groundbreaking Ceremony

Construction of new West Carthage Elementary School:

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new West Carthage Elementary building on Cole Road took place Wednesday July 21. Shown in the picture above are, from left: Chuck Higgerson (architect with March Associates), James Huckabee (Assistant superintendant and former principal of W. Carthage), Oren Cook (current W. C. principal), Paul Marolf (school board member), Sandra Lamb (school board president), John Peck (school board vice-president), Sen. Jim Wright, Assemblyman Robert Nortz, Mike Powers (district business manager), Leo Keenan (school district clerk and board member), Carolyn Mosely, Lori Haberman (school board members), and Dr. Carl Mangee (district superintendent). The new facility will cost approximately $8.5 million , is designed with 26 classrooms, and will accomidate between 450 and 500 students.

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