Still moving dirt; harder now with the snow.



The crane, destined to move the structural steel, overshadows everything at the site.

It looms high above the trees, like a prehistoric monster. A gentle giant, though, and vital to the progress of our new building.



Shrouded in plastic, work continues at the site.

 Cassie's Notes:Today I went to the new school. We saw a crane. We saw the entrance of the school and some machines plowing dirt. We also saw some rabbit tracks. We saw the soccer field but it was covered in snow so we couldn't see it that good.

 Today we went to construction site and saw a crane and took pictures. There is a yellow thing in front of the building [entrance canope] Today we walked in the snow. I tripped and Mrs. Thornton fell twice in the same place.

Alissa's notes


 Ruth's Journal:

When we got there, the first thing I noticed was the crane. It was the biggest thing I ever saw. There were also some other pieces of equipment like bulldozers, dumptrucks and some other things too. The building was more done than I thought.

We saw some rabbit tracks right near the edge of the woods. It was very slippery, icy, very cold and lots of snow. There was probably about two to three feet of snow.

We took several pictures of the crane and the equipment. The building had lights in it. I saw a light on in the building. It wasn't fully built around the sides and the sides had plastic on them. We also a tractor called a "cat".

I just couldn't stop looking at the huge crane that was there; it was right behind the building.

There were 5 or 6 trailers, they are the offices for the builders.

Then it was time to go back to the school.

Thank you for taking me, it made me very happy and I was excited when I saw the site with the New School.


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