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    News Releases;

    WDT Dec 12

    WDT Jan 19

    PURCELL INK Jan edition

    WDT Jan 28

    Dedication articles (10/25/01)


    Reports from Mr. Steele; Our Man on the Inside:

    March 9, 2001

    April 24 Mrs Thornton and Mr Steel visit the school


    Interview with Mr. Kraybill of Purcell Construction


    Three students join teachers in tour of new building: June 7























































































    If We Build It, They Will Come:

    Construction of New West Carthage Elementary School

     August 2

     Heavy Equipment in place.

     Preparing the site.

     August 8

     Field office is in.

     Excavation continues.

     August 18

    Dust everywhere


    August 25: fence is up.


     New road is cut.

     The new athletic field.

    August 31,

     Working on drainage.


     September 7



     September 15





     September 21

     Click links for Student

     comments and questions.

    September 28:

    Pipe for drainage. 

    A workman answers some of our questions

    Structural steel and miles of plastic pipe

     October 5

    Foundations are taking shape

     and concrete is being poured

     October 12

    Foundation work continues;

     materials abound on site.

     October 19

     Drainage basin


     October 26

    Mud on the side

     makes drainage a priority

    November 2





    November 14

    Steel decking is going up



     November 25


     Snow blankets the site

     November 30

    Students spot racoon tracks.


    More steel - shrouded in plastic 

    New equipment access road - parallels Cole Road


     December 10

    Snow shrouds the entrance.

    Access road frozen solid.


    The woods are lovely, dark and deep.


     December 15

    The crane to move the structural steel.

    Snow removal now becomes another job on the site. 

    The crane towers over the main entrance to the school. 

     December 21

    Reporters find snowcave

    The instructional wing takes shape

    Steel against the December skies.


     January 4, 2001

     Steel for instructional wing

     is going up.

     January 11, 2001

     more steel in place



     January 18. 2001

    Our new LMC

     The cafeteria

    The Gym takes shape.


     January 24,

    Academic wing

    Crane over girders.




    February 1,

    Insulation is added.





     February 15


    More block, more insulation. 

    Snow frosts the trees


     March 1





     March 7




    The soccer field in winter. 

     March 15

    Fiddler on the roof?

    Back stairway - academic wing.


     Main field office

     March 21





     March 29, 2001

    Brickwork on the LMC

    Entrance to main building.


    Academic wing and loader.


     April 12, 2001

    Putting in the windows.


    The LMC has its trim.



    Water replaces the snow.


     April 26

    Getting up in the world.


    The windows of the L.M.C.


    Behind the gym wing. 

    May 3 

    Our new home





     May 10

    The whole building.



     May 17

    Working on the LMC roof.

     Drive going around school.

    Looking good!

     June 7: Thomas's notes

     Donnie's description


     Patrick's page

     June 14



     July 2

    Paving of Cole Road site.


     July 10

     August 18    

     Sept 6

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