March 2, 2002: A Fire of Historic Proportions Rips Through Carthage NY


Eight buildings are lost to the early morning blaze; believed to have started in or above the Auction Center.

Lost were the Auction Center itself, a dance studio and video store, the Fredericks building that housed a computer store and Stefano's Pizzeria, Fox Drugs, a fabric store, Clemens Plumbing and the former Ethan Allen Furniture store. It is estimated that there are approximately 150 people homeless.

The water supply of the village was strained: it is estimated that the fire departments were drawing 8000 gallons of water a minute and 3 million gallons had been used by noon.

At least 10 fire departments responded with over 250 fire fighters hard at work thoughout the day.


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Independent Commercial Contractors Inc.

Official Report of Carthage Fire Department

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